Turkey Busters 5: Worship Over Worry


This is Part Four of a seven-part series.  Here is Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four if you need to catch up. Sign up to receive Turkey Busters sent straight to your inbox.

Verse: Come, let us bow down and worship him. Let us fall on our knees in front of the Lord our Maker. – Psalm 95:6 (NIrV)

Big Idea:  Choose to worship instead of worry.

Have you ever faced a big problem? What did you do about it? Did you worry? Did you whine? Did you try to solve it on your own? Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems it keeps us from loving God and others because all we can think about is ourselves.  

When we just focus on ourselves, it makes our problems seem worse.  

There was a king in the Bible named Jehoshaphat who once faced a big problem too. A huge army was on its way to attack his country. In fact, three different armies had teamed up against him. He and his people were totally outnumbered, and the king was scared.  

So what did he do? Did he panic? Did he worry? Did he sit around and feel sorry for himself?  No way. He gathered all of his people and went to God for help.The Bible says that moms, dads and kids were all there seeking God together. But before Jehoshaphat asked God for anything, he praised God, reminding everyone of God’s power and the good things God had done for them.  

Jehoshaphat chose worship over worry.  

God told Jehoshaphat it was going to be okay. The Israelites wouldn’t even have to fight this enemy because God would do their fighting for them. All they had to do was march out against the invaders and stand their ground.  

When it was time to face the enemy, guess who Jehoshaphat put in the front of his army. Archers with arrows? Nope. Soldiers with spears? Not even close.

The king led with his most dangerous warriors, the singers!

“Then he appointed men to sing to the Lord. He wanted them to praise the Lord because of his glory and holiness. They marched out in front of the army. They said, ‘Give thanks to the Lord. His faithful love continues forever’” (2 Chronicles 20:21 NIrV).

Jehoshaphat knew his most powerful weapon was worship, declaring the good things about God for all to hear.

And you know what happened next? As soon as they started praising God, the enemy turned against each other and began fighting among themselves. By the time the Israelites found them, they were completely defeated.  

Think About It:
Worship is a lot more than singing. It’s anything we say and do that expresses our love for God. However, when we talk about God with our words and our songs, something amazing happens. It frees us from fear and helps us to trust. It reminds us that God is bigger than our problems. It shows the world that God is real.  

Whatever problem you’re facing this week, choose worship over worry and let God fight your battles for you. 

Prayer: God, you are good and powerful. You deserve all of our worship. Please help us to focus on your praise instead of our problems. Amen.

Talk About It:
1. What are some things you love about God? Take some time to tell him right now. 
2. What are you worried about? Have you talked to God about it? Ask him for help. 
3. Do you know anyone facing a big problem? How can you encourage them and remind them that our great, big God is here to help?

Read More About It: You can read another example of someone worshiping God in Psalm 100:1-5.

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