No Ordinary Baby

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Verse: He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him. – John 1:10 (NLT)

Big Idea:  Jesus was no ordinary baby.

Have you ever tried to guess what’s inside a Christmas present? Some gifts are obvious. You can tell what they are just by looking at their shape and size. You may have to shake them a time or two, but you can figure them out.  

Other gifts? Not so much.  

Small gifts may come wrapped in big boxes. Big gifts may be split up between multiple boxes to look smaller than they are. Someone may even put a heavy object or something that rattles in the present to fool you. A clever parent could wrap a gift in a way that you would never guess what was inside.

That’s how it was with the first Christmas. God sent his greatest gift into the world, but most people had no idea what it was. On the outside Jesus looked like an ordinary baby, but this baby was so much more than that.  

John 1:10 says, “He came into the very world he created, but the world didn’t recognize him” (NLT).

An infant who created the world? What kind of baby could do that? Over the next few weeks we’re going to find out.  

Imagine you’re watching a Christmas play. On stage you see the familiar story of Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem. You watch Mary placing the baby in the manger, the angels telling the shepherds the good news and wise men bringing Jesus gifts from far away.  

It’s a sweet story. The baby in the stable is cute, but you think, “What’s the big deal?”  It’s not nearly as exciting as the movie you watched last night or the video games you played this morning. What does that really have to do with your Christmas?

Now imagine you see a man on the edge of the stage tugging on a rope, pulling back the curtain behind the set. And when the curtain opens, you are blinded by light. For just a moment, you see Jesus as he truly is: the majestic, all-powerful King of Creation. He holds planets in one hand and stars in the other. He is bigger and more awesome than you could ever have dreamed.

Your heart is full of joy and wonder. Your mind is completely blown. All you can say is, “Whoa!”  

Think About It:

Jesus is so much more than he appears to be. He wants you to know him and enjoy him today. Every time you see a nativity set or picture of baby Jesus this Christmas, say out loud, “That’s no ordinary baby. That’s Jesus.”

Prayer: Jesus, I want to know you better. Please show me who you are and what you’re like so I can worship you. Amen.

Talk about About It:

  1. What do you think Jesus looked like when he was born?
  2. What are some things about the Christmas story that tell you Jesus was no ordinary baby?
  3. What did Jesus do when he grew up that showed us how amazing he is?

For Grown Ups:

Many of us have heard the Christmas story so many times we’ve lost our sense of wonder and awe.  We forget who was really in that manger 2,000 years ago.

What comes to mind when you think of the baby in Bethlehem? Reflect on the words describing Jesus in Isaiah 6:9 and let yourself be blown away by the truth that Jesus was God in the flesh.   


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