God With Us


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Big Idea: Jesus is God with us.  

VerseThe Word became a human being. He made his home with us. – John 1:14 (NLT)

Who are your favorite people to spend time with? Your parents? Your brother or sister? Your best friend? 

When we spend time with our favorite people, it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing. It’s just fun being together. The “what” doesn’t matter nearly as much as the “with.” 

God loves being with his people. In fact, that’s the whole point of Christmas.

Remember that cute little baby in the manger we’ve been talking about? We’ve already discovered he’s no ordinary baby. He is the Creator of the universe and the King of Kings. But that’s not all.  

In the Bible, in the book of Matthew, we discover another name for Jesus. Matthew tells us that after Mary found out she was going to have a baby, she told her fiance Joseph. Joseph was a good man, but he didn’t believe Mary.  

Then, one night an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him Mary was telling the truth. This baby really was from God. 

Matthew goes on to tell us that one of the names of this baby is Immanuel. It means God with us (Matthew 1:23).

Jesus isn’t just the Son of God. He is God, the same God who created the universe, the God who can play kickball with comets and made planets and penguins. This God came to earth and became a baby.


Because God wanted to be with us. God wanted to be with you. In fact, he still does today.

Think About It:
God loves us so much, he will do almost anything to bring us into his family. He doesn’t even let the bad stuff we’ve done get in the way of us being together. 

If you ever feel lonely or left out, remember God loves to be with you. God chooses you. Jesus came to earth so we could be together forever.   

Prayer: God, thank you for coming to be with me. I’m glad I get to be your friend. Amen. 

Talk About It:
1. How does it make you feel to spend time with your favorite people? What are some fun things you do?
2. How does it make you feel to know that God wants to be with you?
3. We can be like Jesus by spending time with others who need us. Who is someone who needs you to be with them this week?

For Grown-Ups:
God is so holy and powerful, we could never approach him on our own. Yet, on Christmas, he approached us. He took on flesh, lived a human life, felt pain, hunger and rejection and ultimately paid a terrible price to remove the only thing that stood between us and a relationship with him. Think about how precious you must be to God that he would come to earth to rescue you.  

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