Great Big God


Today we are kicking off a brand-new devotional series for January called Ginormous God.  In the next few weeks we will take a look at what the Bible says about how big God truly is. 

You can read the devotion below or listen to the audio in iTunes.

Big Idea:  God is big and wants to be your friend.

Verse: Great is our Lord. His power is mighty. There is no limit to his understanding. – Psalm 147:5 (NIrV)

What’s the biggest object you can imagine? A tall building? A roller coaster? A planet?  

Scientists tell us there are objects out in space that are way bigger than any of those things, things like stars and black holes and galaxies. But there is one thing that is so big it blows all of these others away.

God. God is ginormous! He made the universe, including the biggest objects in space, and that means he is bigger than all of them.  

But just how big is God? That’s tough to say, because we can’t measure God. We can’t use a ruler or a yardstick of even a tape measure to discover his height.

Why? First of all, God is a spirit. That means he doesn’t have a body. But even if he did, we couldn’t measure him because there’s no end to God. He just keeps going on and on and on. In that way, he’s very different from us.  

Yet, here’s the cool thing. This ginormous God who is very different from us, loves us and wants us to know him. John 17:3 says, “And what is eternal life? It is knowing you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (NIrV).

Sure, we can’t ever know everything about God, but we can have a ton of fun getting to know him better every day.  

Over the next few weeks, that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to check out three mind-blowing truths about how big God really is and the amazing things he can do. As we learn more about him, we will get to know God better with our heads and love him more with our hearts.

Think About It

The awesomely powerful creator of the universe wants to be your friend. That’s good news. This ginormous God can do anything, including helping you with the problems you face every day. He can give you wisdom to know what to do and the power to do things you could never do on your own.  


God, you are ginormous.  Thanks for being my friend.  Please show me how awesome you truly are so I can worship and love you more each day.  Amen.

Talk About It

  1. What are the biggest objects in your house? In your neighborhood? In your city?
  2. What are some things God has done in the Bible and in your life that remind you how big he is?
  3. Are you facing a big problem right now? Ask God to help you with it. He is bigger than any problem or struggle you will ever face.

For Grown Ups

As humans we face limits every day—limited time, energy, money, patience and the list goes on. It’s no wonder that it’s so hard for us to get our heads around the idea of an infinite God. God has no limits, and the great news is that he wants to share his limitless strength, love, grace and other spiritual resources with us. Whatever limits you’re frustrated with today, be encouraged by thinking about the infinite God who loves you and wants to help you with whatever you need this week.

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