Family Jetpack is your launchpad for talking about faith at home.  We are here to help your family have meaningful spiritual conversations as you do life together.

Whether you’re a mom, dad, stepparent, grandparent, guardian or a wacky aunt, you have spiritual influence with the kids in your life.

At Family Jetpack we want to help you leverage that influence to lead your kids in a growing relationship with Jesus.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Weekly family devotions with solid, biblical teaching.
  • Fun, monthly themes to help kids get excited about God’s word.
  • Kid-friendly language that makes it easy to talk about deep stuff.
  • Application for adults to help your family grow together.

We will also be releasing bonus devotions like free ebooks and audio series to help you go above and beyond the weekly content as well as keeping you in the loop on the best new paid resources to inspire faith at home.

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You have the relationship.  We’ll give you the words.  So fire up your rockets and get ready to fly.