Bringing the Bible to Life for Your Kids


Have you ever seen a great storyteller in action?  They use their voice, face and body to really bring a story to life for their audience and captivate them with the power of a great story.

As parents who love Jesus, we have the greatest story of all to tell.  It’s God’s story and what makes it so great is that it’s 100% true and still going on today, and, best of all, we are invited to be a part of it.

Now that’s a story worth telling and worth telling well.

If you’ve ever wanted to do a better job of bringing the Bible to life for kids, you’ve come to the right place.  Spoiler alert: telling compelling Bible stories to your kids is easier than you might think!

Here are three quick tips that will help you become an amazing Bible storyteller for your children.

  1.  Ask God to bring the Bible to life in you!  Pray that God would restore your wonder and awe and blow your mind with His big story.  Remember, this stuff really happened.  Moses really did part the Red Sea.  David really did take out a giant with one smooth stone, and Jesus really did walk out of a tomb on Easter morning.   The more we ask God to help us to see his word with fresh eyes, the easier it will be to share that wonder with our kids.
  2. Find a great storybook Bible, like the Jesus Storybook Bible, that’s easy to read aloud with your kids and sets you up to win.  There are a ton of good ones out there.  Check some samples out on Amazon and see what’s a good fit for your family.
  3. Vary your voice to make the story more interesting.  Speed up and get louder during the exciting parts.  Slow down and whisper during the dramatic parts.  Stop and pause when it’s really tense.  Then jump back in for a big finish.  Do voices for different characters and your kids will love it!

The truth is you are probably much better of a storyteller than you even know.  There’s something magical about kids that brings out the storyteller in each of us.  Even those of us who are quiet in public are much more likely to come to life when it’s story time at home.

So what are waiting for? Get into God’s story and watch your kids get swept up in the story along with you and in the process get to know the God who wrote it so that they could know Him better.